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Pandora's Succession: Ridley Fox/Nita Parris Spy Series, #1

Length: 334 pages6 hours


For fans of Barry Eisler, Robert Ludlum, and Clive Cussler.

The Deadliest Weapon Against Mankind has been Unleashed.

CIA operative Ridley Fox has one goal—to hunt down his fiancée’s killers, a weapons consortium called The Arms of Ares. Fox follows a lead to a top-secret bioweapons facility in Chechnya, barely escaping death. Then, after learning that Ares has weaponized a hyper-deadly microbe called Pandora, he heads to Tokyo, and teams up with an old flame and fellow operative, Nita Parris. But they have more to contend with than Ares—they must compete against rogue agents who’ll stop at nothing to get to Pandora first. Fox and Parris will find themselves in a deadly game of spy vs spy, needing each other to locate Pandora before it’s unleashed…or it could mean the end of humanity.

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