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Naughty Or Nice
Naughty Or Nice
Naughty Or Nice
Ebook48 pages37 minutes

Naughty Or Nice

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars


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About this ebook

Olivia just finished working an eleven hour retail shift on Christmas Eve, and all she wants for Christmas is to get off her aching feet - and to get off. Being single at Christmas can lead a girl to desperate measures, and when Olivia makes her wish to the Santa at the Mall, she gets fulfilled like she’s never been before. Will Santa find her naughty? Or will her Christmas turn out oh-so-nice?

PublisherBritt DeLaney
Release dateDec 6, 2014
Naughty Or Nice
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Britt DeLaney

Britt DeLaney lives and writes near Philadelphia. In her spare time she watches too much Netflix, eats too many Pop-Tarts, and is currently writing her ass off.

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