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JOIMethod Hypnosis: A Healer's Way

233 pages2 hours


A book for all hypnotherapists and healers.

In this hypnosis manual, JOImethod: A HEALER’S WAY, you will experience what it takes to heal clients on a mental, emotional and physical level whether during sleeping or waking hypnosis. You will learn how to break down core nature and the psychology of different emotional issues. In addition, you will see how I successfully worked with various clients using only waking/covert hypnosis.

One of the practical results of my work with these people is that it will answer in absolute terms the below questions, which professional hypnotists and hypnotherapists have been weighing and discussing for centuries:

1. Can a person be hypnotized without his or her consent?
2. Can a person be hypnotized without his or her knowledge?
3. Does rapport need to be established for hypnosis to work?
4. Does a person need to be motivated for hypnosis to work?

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