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The Last Zookeeper (a short story)

37 pages33 minutes


Includes the bonus short story A FLAW IN THE DIVINE
Two stories about the promise - and the perils - of technology.

THE LAST ZOOKEEPER: When the aged caretaker of the world's last animal menagerie passes away, a boy seeks to understand his terrible sense of loss.
This is a 2600-word (~10-page) short story about extinction, annihilation, and the possibility of a future in which technology, not Man, is the apex predator.

A FLAW IN THE DIVINE: After inventing an artificially intelligent machine capable of self-awareness, a man tries to save humanity from destroying itself, only to find that he has lost control of his own creation.
This is a 3600-word (~14-page) short story with metaphysical and existential themes.

Both stories are suitable for all ages.

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