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The Legend Of Blistering Billy Blaylock - Gunfighter

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You’ve heard the name…Blistering Billy Blaylock. You’ve heard about Billy’s career as a gunfighter. You may have even been told that the nickname “Blistering Billy” referred to Blaylock’s speed with a handgun.

You have heard wrong.

This story sets the legend straight, and explains why Billy was “Blistering”…and it has nothing to do with his gunfighting skills.

It has everything to do with an unfortunate accident with an outhouse, and the resulting gastrointestinal upset that followed him throughout the old West.

Get set for some belly laughs…and some belly grumbling…when you read T. Whitman Bilderback’s outrageous Western short story, The Legend Of Blistering Billy Blaylock – Gunfighter!

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