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His Reason, Her Choice

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To take care of her two young daughters, Joy stays with a man whose every touch makes her sick. The single light in her life, other than her babies, is her friend Russ. Joy and Russ kept up an innocent long distance friendship over texts and occasional phone calls with the full knowledge and consent of her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, Joy never admitted the truth of her nightmare to Russ. Then she loses her job, and she’s faced with going home to a mother who has always degraded her. Joy is desperate not to expose her girls to their grandmother, but she doesn’t have a choice.

Not until Russ offers her a solution that’s just like what’s leaving—come back to Atlanta as his mistress, and he’ll take care of her and the girls. Russ didn’t know the truth, but it doesn’t stop the hurt from his proposition. Joy will accept, hoping somehow this time will be different.

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