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Confessions of a Cell Phone Jammer

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Confessions of a Cell Phone Jammer is a tongue-in-cheek eBook about cell phones users and their idiosyncrasies they display while using possibly their favorite gadget in the world. Please take note that this eBook is a work of fiction, therefore none of the events mentioned in the eBook ever transpired. Nor does the author suggest you attempt any of them! Besides causing all sorts of problems with both cell phones and GPS units you expose yourself to some hefty fines. Recently a man in Florida was arrested and fined $48,000 for jamming local cell towers so jamming phones/cell towers/GPS units is a definite no-no.

That being said, the eBook pokes fun at people in the grocery store, movie theaters, doctor’s offices, and of course while driving. You know you’ve either witnessed one or more of these cell phone disturbance, caused one or more of them, or maybe both!

Although this is a parody of the cell phone addicted population it has several pages of facts concerning the health risks of excessive use of cell phones by children. There are also some warnings from several cell phone manufacturers concerning the use of their phones.

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