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Chiropractic Medicare Documentation Self-Inventory

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This book is a must have for all doctors of chiropractic!

Medicare documentation is more scrutinized today than ever before, and most doctors are being driven crazy by the scrutiny. This book, Chiropractic Medicare Documentation Self-Inventory was written to help doctors document properly, increase the odds of obtaining fair reimbursement, and get some peace of mind.

Using the text is simple. Doctors only need to pull a Medicare file and begin answering the questions in the book. The book guides doctors through 70 individual questions covering the Medicare case from a global perspective, the initial evaluation, and subsequent daily visits.

The answers to the majority of questions regarding the records should be “Yes.” If the answer is no, doctors can tap the “No” answer (highlighted in blue) and the book will redirect to the explanation of the related documentation principle. The explanation assists doctors in understanding the Medicare documentation concepts and requirements.

The goal is to give doctors the ability to document appropriately and answer every question correctly. This will help assure the doctors' Medicare documentation is compliant.

The author of the text, Dr. K. Jeffrey Miller, is a chiropractor with more than 27 years of experience and certifications in peer-utilization review and medical compliance. The book offers doctors the chance to find and correct their own documentation mistakes without the use of an expensive consultant.

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