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A Dance With Carlos

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his novel is a sequel to "Mafia Politics, Louisiana Style," published by the author in 2011. It depicts life through the eyes of Lon Bigley, an assistant Attorney General and details his battle with corruption in state politics.
Louisiana is one of our states in which the mafia had a major foothold. While these characters and events are fictitious, they are inspired by real people and real events. This era was plagued by turmoil of Civil Rights protests, Viet Nam war protests, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
Louisiana remains a "welfare state" as one of the legacies of Huey P. Long. Examples are the charity hospital system, the free school books, and the huge patronage system where each new governor makes over one thousand appointments. New Orleans and Orleans Parish remain as special districts in the state.
Many states have graft and corruption problems, but Louisiana seems to excel in this area. News & Politics exposes some of the corruption and influence of organized crime. The characters are fiction, but were inspired by real people in Louisiana history.

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