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101 Funny Things About Global Warming

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In this unexpectedly refreshing look at today's most inconvenient truths, acclaimed cartoonist Sidney Harris looks at global warming, with a little help from his friends. Featuring never-before-seen work from artists like long-time New Yorker contributors Matt Diffee, Sam Gross, and Lee Lorenz, among others, 101 Funny Things About Global Warming makes light of hot-button environmental issues, like unreliable hybrid cars, pie-in-the-sky alternative energy sources, and the existential crisis of our own biodegradable nature.
Provocative, timely, and endlessly funny, 101 Funny Things About Global Warming fits into the growing trend of ecocentric public events and media coverage by pointing out in black and white how far we've come-and how far we still have to go-in improving the state of the world.

"Great comedy can make you laugh and open your mind at the same time, and 101 Funny Things About Global Warming succeeds at both."-Global Warming Activist and Producer Laurie David

Praise for Sidney Harris:
"The humor in science that is most widely laughed at comes from nonscientists, like the cartoonist, Sidney Harris."-New York Times Book Review

"Harris is a treasure."-American Scientist

"What's so funny about science? Sidney Harris, that's what."-Isaac Asimov

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