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Another Whole Nother Story

320 pages3 hours


The plan was simple. Ethan Cheeseman, along with his three smart,
polite, and relatively odor-free children, would travel back in time to
end an ancient family curse and save their mother. Now that the LVR (a
super-secret time machine) is in working order, it should be easy peasy.
Except they didn't account for one basic rule of science: Murphy's Law,
where everything that possibly could go wrong, does. So the Cheeseman
family finds themselves on another madcap adventure, this time through
stormy seas and haunted castles. And though their narrator, Dr. Soup,
has a ton of unsolicited advice to offer young readers, he doesn't have
much to say to help the Cheesemans. Just this one thing: Good luck!

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