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Shopping with Mrs. Blakemore

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The Blakemores are back in this second installment of the short story series where readers learn more about Saxton Blakemore, his family and the reason he stayed married to Odessa.

Settle into a comfy chair with your eReader as the Blakemores begin a new adventure under the guise of their newly formed company, Blakemore Imports and Collectibles. In this edition, they are heading into Panama to collect intel on arms shipments being funneled through the Central American country. Their mission, observe, take photos and do not engage.

But, we are talking about Odessa Blakemore, aren’t we? There are snakes and ligers, and smugglers, oh my. The Blakemores also make a horrific discovery while making a few new allies. However, it is the new enemies they have made, which may be the death of this twosome.

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