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The People of the Night

Length: 579 pages7 hours


A storm is coming with death and destruction following it. There is a whisper of evil on the wind. A thousand years has ended, and a new night has begun, for The People of the Night have finally come home.

With their god now raised, and their plans in motion, they search for the sacrifice that will break the curse of light that has haunted them for ages. Only three now stand in their way.

For Police Chief Tom Wess and Inspector Jason Keller they must now stop the death that has come to their small town. With the help of the mysterious Professor Flax, they have to fight to discover the truth behind an ancient evil—an evil with a name.

Can they stop the Lord of Shadows and his minions before it consumes all of them?

Can they play the game between the forces of darkness and light? The pieces are set—the players are in motion—the game is on, with the winner ruling the world.

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