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Prime Medic

Prime Medic

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Prime Medic

3/5 (2 ratings)
209 pages
2 hours
Dec 6, 2014


Dr. Katrina Morris,Kat to her close friends, has fought all her life to be taken seriously because of her having been a child prodigy and attending medical school at a young age. Even years later she still struggles with others that are threatened by her intelligence and her talent. She finds herself frustrated with the way her career has stagnated. She know she needs a challenge. When an opportunity arises for her to travel to a new and strange world, she doesn’t think twice before taking that risk. However, she finds herself attracted to two men. One man teaches her about her new world and she begins to care for him. The other man continually pushes her professionally and personally at the same time that he intrigues her more than any person ever has.

Prime Medic SydEL has taken over the research on the viral mutation that prevented the Katieran people from being able to successfully breed with one another. He has a great deal of responsibility and his people are counting on him. He doesn’t have time for distractions. But the biggest distraction he has ever known is dropped right in his Medic Wing in the form of a small, beautiful female from another planet. The female is continually asking questions, getting in his way, turning his emotions inside out. She creates urges in him that he thought he was above feeling. Making his urges even worse, the female is wanted by another male.

Will Kat be able to prove her skills as a doctor and a scientist? Will her romantic feelings get in the way? Will she give herself over to the needs burning within her? Which man will she choose? Will SydEL keep his mind free to complete his research? Will he give in to the cravings he has for one small female? Or will he fight his feelings and risk losing the only female he has ever had feelings for to a rival? Two worlds collide and three people’s lives will change irrevocably

Dec 6, 2014

About the author

KD Jones has been a huge fan of both romance novels and science fiction novels since she was 16 years old. Her favorite television shows growing up were Star Trek and Doctor Who. When not writing, she can usually be found curled up on the couch with a good book, working on her hobby of photography, or spending time with her family.

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Book Preview

Prime Medic - KD Jones



"My name is Starla." A sexy woman said walking around her bedroom. She flicked her long blond hair over her slim shoulders. She started to disrobe as music played in the background. She sat on the bed with her long legs crossed and began to brush her hair. Her large breasts bounced up and down with the movement.

She smiled at the two men that sat next to her on either side. One man was tall and thin, with short blond hair. The other man was average height and weight with long brown hair. They gave the woman a look up and down licking their lips. They watched her as she reached up cupping herself and started to touch her breasts, squeezing them.

They encouraged her. Oh yeah baby, squeeze them hard. The men stood up so that they could remove their own clothes while watching her.

The music became louder. A man’s rumbling voice sang, Let’s get it on. The men, now naked, stood on either side of the woman. They pumped their cocks with their own hands. Up and down, harder and harder. The men moaned with pleasure.

The woman opened her legs up and used her own fingers to tease her clitoris. The men responded by saying crude things they wanted to do to her. She inserted one finger into her female opening. Then she added another finger inside. She moaned from the pleasure she was giving herself.

The men sat back down beside her and started to touch her. They trailed their hands along her abdomen, down her thighs, back up to the junction of her sex. She lay back on the bed and moaned. The two men bent over to take a nipple in each of their mouths.

"Oh yes!" the woman moaned.

One male laid flat on his back. The female climbed over him and straddled his hips. Her front was facing the male’s front. She lowered her feminine folds over the male’s engorged penis. She began to ride him while the second male watched.

Then the female laid her chest down on the male she was on top of. The second male, who had been watching and massaging his member, moved up behind the female. He took his sex and entered her anal hole. Both males pumped in and out of the female.Slowly at first. They pumped in her simultaneously. The three finally yelled out their release.

Suddenly the lights in the room were turned up. The video paused. Every male in the room shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Some of the males were sweating. The room was filled with the scent of their building arousal.

Uh … are all the human coupling videos like that? asked Prime Leader RendEL

Similar. There are different couplings. Some show one male and one female, one male with two females, two females but no male, and there are some with two males but no female, Prime Medic SydEL answered.

Why have same-sex coupling? They cannot breed this way, why bother? A member of the Katieran High Council shifted in his seat.

Apparently they like diversity. Maybe it is the only way they can bring themselves to release,. I will have to question them to get the answers we need, offered SydEL.

Prime Medic SydEL collected the discs and notes he had made. It was his job to help his people with their breeding problems. He hoped that finding a new gene pool to introduce will offer the solution they were looking for. It was a big weight on his shoulders but he had been working towards this most of his life. He hoped he was up to the challenge.

Chapter 1

Kat closed up the artery and allowed the assisting surgeon to finish up. She breathed a sigh of relief. It had been a six-hour surgical procedure to repair as much as possible. A young mother and her two kids had been in a car accident. One of the kids, a ten-year-old boy, didn’t make it. The other kid was a five-year-old girl who was still in surgery. Kat and her fellow surgeon had been working on the mother. It had been touch and go for a while. She said a silent prayer for the mother and daughter. Even though she was a person of science she had always said a prayer after each procedure she performed. She was more spiritual than religious but prayers couldn’t hurt right?

Hey Morris, are you going out for drinks later with the other surgeons? Dr. Brandon Young asked her. He was ten years older than Kat. Most of the surgeons she worked with were older than her. With light brown hair kept short and sharp green eyes, he was attractive and he knew it.

I haven’t decided yet, Kat responded as she removed her gloves and bloody scrub coverings. It will depend on my patient.

They walked out of the operating room and headed towards the physician’s locker room. Dr. Young was not giving up easily. Come on. When’s the last time you went out and had any kind of fun?

Kat paused as she tried to think of the last time she had gone out. She couldn’t remember. Had it been that long? She felt an overwhelming sense of guilt for even considering going out. She always did when it came to doing something for pure enjoyment. She could almost hear her mother now, Katrina your intelligence is much too valuable to waste on such mundane things.

If you have to think that hard about it, then it’s been way too long.

Maybe, Kat said noncommittally. She sat down on a nearby bench. They used this room as both a break room and a locker room. There was a separate bathroom that people could use to shower and change after their shift. They had their own table with chairs, a refrigerator, and a small microwave stood in the corner. The TV on the wall had been left on, showing the latest news report. It caught her attention.

"This is the video we have of the aliens who call themselves, Katierans." The newswoman showed a video clip of two good-looking men wearing sunglasses walking into the Capitol building. It is rumored that these aliens plan to help Earth with its overpopulation problem. Negotiations with the EWG have been going on for over a year. My sources with the EWG say that an agreement has been reached. Further details are expected to be released within the next few days.

Kat watched as two very attractive men walked into the Capitol building. These were the Katierans? She was fascinated. They appeared to be similar in form to humans. Both men were at least 6’6" tall, weighing maybe 240 or 250 pounds. Their skin was a golden bronze. She wondered how they were different from humans.

Dr. Young sat down beside her noticing her attention on the news report. Fucking aliens. Who would have believed that they even existed? I’ll probably lose half my nursing staff to them.

Kat looked at him confused. Why?

My friend at the EWG says that the aliens plan to take humans back to their home world. It has been hush-hush so far but my friend got the inside scoop. My friend says that the aliens plan to relocate some of our people to their homeworld. Apparently the aliens will be taking applications and selecting who they will take. I asked my friend what their criteria for accepting applications will be but he doesn’t know. No one does.

Are you going to fill out an application to go? She wasn’t changing her clothes yet because she needed to check up on her patient in post-op. Once she made sure that her patient was doing well, she would feel more comfortable leaving the hospital.

Not sure. Why? Are you planning to go off to this alien world? He laughed like he thought it was a ridiculous idea. He noticed her silence. Come on Kat, just because you didn’t get the Chief Surgeon position and I did doesn’t mean you should up and leave. You know I was the better man for the job. But I will need good people under me.

Kat narrowed her eyes at his cocky tone. He was a fine surgeon but a bit chauvinistic. That was one of the reasons she had always made up excuses not to go out with him. She liked men with a little more refinement. But it was times like this, when he threw it in her face that a position she had wanted had been offered to a man, that really chapped her ass.

I don’t know. It’s a tempting offer. Maybe I will apply.


Hotel Ballroom, Oklahoma City

Kat followed a small group of women through the luxury hotel. The hotel’s front desk had directed the group to a ballroom reserved for the interviews. She glanced behind her to see two more women following them into the ballroom. The two women were hard to miss. One was a brunette wearing green military fatigues. The other was a fiery redhead, who looked small and pale.

Kat noticed three things when she entered the ballroom. The first thing she noticed was that all the Katieran men were big. As big as football players. They had golden bronzed skin, similar to Earth’s Native Americans, with dark hair cut at different lengths. She couldn’t see their eyes because they all wore dark sunglasses. But she knew what their eyes would look like because she had researched them on Google: various dark colors, like humans, but with golden pupils instead of black.

The second thing Kat noticed was how attractive all the men were. Any one of them could have been a model for a magazine cover. They were all fit and muscular. Whatever these men drank clearly did a body good. Really good.

The third thing she noticed was that she could not understand a single thing they were saying. She tried to speak slowly to them. Hello. My name is Katrina Morris.

They did seem to understand her. But none of their responses made any sense to her. She watched as the two women that came in after her had the same communication problems with the Katierans. The redheaded woman kept grabbing at her stomach. Kat suspected the woman was pregnant. The pregnant woman looked very pale and her eyes were dull, arousing Kat’s protective instincts. Several other women in the room clearly felt the same.

The Katierans kept repeating over and over what sounded like, Sa Sa talles ayer token stada. No one understood them. It sounded like garbled nonsense. The tension in the room was building higher and higher. She and some of the other women surrounded the redhead and blocked her from the large Katierans. The communication problem was making matters worse. More Katierans arrived and surrounded the women. Then all hell broke out.


The situation had been diffused quickly after all the women had been given translators. But Kat worried over the red head who had been carried away. She approached on of the Katieran men. Excuse me sir, I am a doctor. I would like to check on the redheaded woman that was just carried out.

I am not this Sir. I am Lieutenant ClarEK. What is a doctor? he asked, tilting his head to the side.

She smiled at him. A doctor is someone that treats sick people.

Oh, we call them Medics. I will need to get permission first. Come with me.

They approached the larger Katieran who appeared to be in charge. ClarEK addressed the other man. Excuse me, Prime Commander. This female says she is an Earth medic. She would like to check on the breeding female. Request permission to take her back to the medic room.

The Prime Commander looked over the small female and decided she was not a threat. Permission granted.

Kat followed the large Katieran down the hallway. They had set up a room to use for examinations for the applicants. When she entered the room, she saw the redheaded woman lying on a cot. She went to the bedside immediately and started to take the unconscious woman’s pulse.

What in Kitana is going on here? another large male exclaimed. The newcomer rushed into the room, coming straight for Kat.

The man was impressive, at least 6’5". He was slighter in build than the other Katierans. He had medium-length, almost pure black hair. There were a few attractive silver streaks near his temple. Kat pegged him to be in his late thirties or early forties. He had hazel eyes with the unusual gold irises. He looked like a Greek God with his dark hair and bronzed skin. Damn sexy.

Medic JadEN, this female says she is an Earth medic. She has permission from Prime Commander KydEL to check on the breeding female.

The man addressed as Medic JadEN regarded Kat from her toes to the top of her head, clearly approving of her looks. He lingered starting at her very short blond hair. She felt heat rise to her face. He was one of the hottest guys she had ever seen. She licked her suddenly dry lips and cleared her throat.

My name is Doctor Katrina Morris, she extended her hand in greeting.

When JadEN raised his arm out, the female took his hand instead of his forearm. He looked at her hand with confusion. It was an intimate gesture. Did the female not know this?

Kat saw the strange look on his face. Is something wrong? She hoped she didn’t smell bad or something.

Hand clasping for Katierans is a sign of affection, ClarEK explained.

By clasping hands you demonstrate a willingness to become close, even intimate, JadEN said with a sexy, deep voice.

Oh. Humans clasp hands as a greeting. How do Katierans greet someone new? She blushed.

We clasp forearms. Medic Jaden demonstrated with the other Katieran. He turned back to her and quirked his dark eyebrow. He reached his arm out again. Kat slowly extended her arm careful not to clasp his hand again, and gripped his forearm. She noticed his body temperature ran much hotter than humans. Plus, he was just plain hot. She couldn’t help but be aware of him. She smiled shyly at him.

JadEN became aroused at the soft touch of the female. She was very beautiful. He had never seen a female with such short hair. But it suited

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