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Janitorial Made Simple: Start-Up and Staff Your Business

Janitorial Made Simple: Start-Up and Staff Your Business

Janitorial Made Simple: Start-Up and Staff Your Business

108 pages
55 minutes
Dec 14, 2014


"Start Up and Staff Your Business" is the first book in the "Janitorial Made Simple" series. It is a reference tool for creating a successful cleaning service so you can:
--Build a business you can be proud of
--Grow a customer base that is 100% satisfied with you and the services you provide
--Build longevity and ensure quality service
--Build customer value and loyalty so clients will view your business as a value-added service.
--Potentially out-produce the traditional janitorial cleaning companies more efficiently
--Become an expert in a specialized field called janitorial cleaning and services

Dec 14, 2014

About the author

KIM GARDNER is an expert in the janitorial and building maintenance and service industry. He has over 29 years of service and experience procuring and fulfilling government (federal and state), commercial and private contracts (to include industrial, retail, financial, educational and medical institutions). Over the years Gardner has honed and developed concise and methodical methods of cleaning. His teaching methods, training and consultations has helped new and existing business owners service and coordinate the activities of their business. Through his guidance, they learn every detail of the cleaning business, from accounting principles, marketing and generating new business, to supervision and delegation of work details for cleaning crews. He helps others to: --Develop operational office procedures to insure company growth and longevity; --Understand corporate structures, trademarks, infringement and territorial rights; and --Utilize effective advertisement and marketing methods through multiple media sources. Through his company, MJM, Inc., he has also provided janitorial franchise opportunities to the public. Franchisees learned corporate structure, obtained on-site instructional courses for certification, and initial contracts that were secured to help them get a jump start in their business. Gardner has always been dedicated to helping others utilize techniques to expedite the cleaning process, provide quality assurance, and perform with integrity. For himself and those he mentors, there is a "Gold Standard" that has been set. And that standard is "To be the preeminent janitorial maintenance company provider of quality service that inspires and empowers personnel to reach their full potential." GOVERNMENT CERTIFICATIONS (SBA)8a Certified (DBE) Certified SCMSDC MBE Certified

Inside the book

Top quotes

  • You should have a separate phone line fax machine, computer, printer, copy machine and other office necessities to create a professional home office.

  • Overhead starts when you rent an office and includes lights, heat, telephones, office equipment, parking permits, taxes and many other expenses.

Book Preview

Janitorial Made Simple - Kim Gardner



When you make a commitment to value, then the sky's the limit! If you follow the guidelines in this book, you can become successful. There is an old saying you can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Likewise, simply reading this book and half-heartedly putting the ideas and procedures into practice will not make you successful. Your enthusiasm, drive, integrity and commitment will be the most important factors to creating a successful and profitable business. In other words, you are the largest part of the success formula.

I want to help you help yourself by building a business you can be proud of, by growing a customer base that is 100% satisfied with you and the services you provide. You can achieve success the old-fashioned way -- Earn it! Remember, you are not a janitor, you are an expert in a specialized field called janitorial cleaning and services. Expert status must be earned through a diligent study and practice.

You are challenged to read the contents of this book with an eagerness to learn. Dedicate all of your attention to the information found in these pages. It is the information that will help you build longevity and ensure quality service by managing the details. Let this book be a launching pad because you already have many of the skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. As a highly qualified, highly motivated, educated business owner, you can potentially out-produce the traditional janitorial cleaning companies more efficiently.

You can not keep accounts by merely cleaning well. You need to provide services that customers value and build loyalty in order to survive. Value-added services, reporting procedures and clear communication will help you determine what building managers will want and need. Personalized, dependable service is the primary reason clients will have continued loyalty and view your business as a value-added service. Remember, your business should represent value with a passion. So consider this book as a helpful reference tool for creating a successful cleaning service. Commit to honor, integrity, enthusiasm and drive, and success is surely yours!


Establishing a Janitorial Business

Business Challenges

Success in the cleaning business depends on a lot of hard work and persistence, and there is no guarantee that you will get every customer you go after or that you will never lose a customer.

Opportunities for cleaning are everywhere. Each city is full of buildings and homes that require cleaning every day and there is plenty of work out there for a knowledgeable cleaning expert who knows how to properly market and promote their services.

Another great part of this industry is that you determine your own schedule. You decide which accounts you want to handle, select your crew and choose how much you want to earn. Since most of the work is done in the off-peak hours, that leaves you the entire day to contact prospective customers, work on your marketing and promotions and develop plans to grow your business.

Working in the off-peak hours can be a real breeze for most of us because we don't have to fight traffic to get to work. When it's time for us to go to work, most people are already off work and off the streets. However, if you are not the type of person who is flexible enough to work late night hours, you had better start adjusting now. Because of your late night hours, you actually end up doing your socializing and recreation during the day when others are working.

Turnover is another challenge in this industry. The average turnover rate for employees is 300% per year. That means that your average employee will last only four months before you will have to replace them--that makes for a lot of recruiting. However, if you operate your business under the guidelines in this book, and provide the best quality service to your customers and the best employee care to your staff, your turnover rate should be reduced.

Of all the challenges, the one that probably affects this industry the most is that of image. The janitorial profession has been overlooked for the many benefits and profits it brings. The commercial cleaning industry has grown from $10 billion in 1988 to more than $50 billion in 2000—an incredible increase. Yet, image is still a major factor. You must ensure that the image of your business is impeccable. That goes from the equipment you use, how clean it is kept, the vehicles you drive, the professionalism on the job, the professionalism of your employees, to how you conduct a service call. Leave nothing overlooked. Image is what people see, service is what people remember.

Legal Business Structures

One of the first decisions you must make when starting a business is determining the form of business to use. The following paragraphs briefly describe the more common options. Consult an attorney for more information regarding business structures.

Sole Proprietorships

A sole proprietorship is an unincorporated business

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