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Prime Salvation

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Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. M/F

Lieutenant Lucinda Daniels, Lucy to her close friends, wants only to start a new life on a new planet. She has a tragic past that has haunted her for years. She hopes that by traveling thousands of galaxies away to the planet Katiera, she would finally be able to put her past behind her. However, she learns she cannot run from her past when it follows her and resurfaces in a new way—through the tortured soul of a missing Prime.

Prime ConEL is finally free from years of captivity by his people’s enemy the Morins. Though he is reunited with his family, he feels lonelier than ever. He is not the male he once was. He is no longer the Prime Commander of Katiera. His children do not need him and he is unable to connect with others because he is still trapped with his memories of what was done to him and his family. He does not know how to deal with starting over and he especially doesn’t know how to deal with the female warrior, Lucy.

Their road is rocky. Can ConEL let go of his need for revenge? Will Lucy overcome her own past and allow herself to love again? Lucy saved ConEL’s life; however, will she save his soul from an eternity of torture and misery?

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