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14 Crazy Good Meatless Recipes for Eating Healthier

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If you have chosen to make a change for a Healthier You then one of the most important parts of that is to have a healthier diet. If so, then this book is an must have addition to the gathering of information for the awesome transformation that lies ahead for you.. In this book I have put together 14 tasty and healthy alternatives to a meat laden diet. Whether you want to cut out meat completely or just step back and add more vegetables and fruits to your diet, this book will give you the ability to treat yourself to some amazing choices.

From the burger to the soup to the casserole to 11 other possibilities, you will have fun preparing your new Meatless food! If you only replace one Meat meal a day with one of these Meatless recipes then you have a Healthier diet in baby steps and on your terms. Let my book help you succeed in a better nourished you!

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