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Majesty - Susan Clark

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At one time, invisibility was considered impossible, achieved only by mirrors, and slight of hand. Sitting on the edge of our understanding, we believed it to be out of the realm of possibility.

Then, science discovered a way to bend microwaves around an object, without a trace of the object visible in the waves before, or the waves after it. Like a boulder downstream, there is no evidence of an obstruction of flow. This is the essence of stealth technology, which allows planes to fly, undetected, by radar. They are invisible.

Suffice it to say, that in connection with what we currently know, science does not currently support the flight of reindeer, either. At one time, physicists announced that bumblebees could not fly. According to them, based on the proportion of their weight to the lift generated by their wings, it was aerodynamically impossible. Yet, we all know bumblebees most certainly do fly.

I believe there is a dimension beyond sight, where so much more than we could ever imagine or ever ask for, does, in fact, happen (Ephesians 3:20). And, as this story will show, every now and again, the curtain is pulled back, and we get a peek at the miraculous. The proof will come later. Besides, sometimes God simply does what our finite minds cannot grasp.

In a world where technology controls almost every aspect of our lives, and cynicism about God is rampant, show your children it’s ok to believe! This simple, true story will give them a glimpse of their heavenly Father, and show them that God is alive and doing the impossible today! Introduce them to the little Fawn, MJ, and the God you know! As you walk with them through the miracle, and how it applies to their own lives, they will see there is hope even in the most awful moments. Give them the legacy of real faith, and the expectancy of the miraculous!

These events are written as they actually happened. Decide for yourself on what side of the razor’s edge, between reality and possibility, do you want to stand?

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