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The Fawn

Length: 23 pages8 minutes


It was a rare day of wonder and beauty, and the young Fawn was just living her life, enjoying the moment!  Then, the most unexpected thing happened.  We all know what it is like to meet unexpectedly with tragedy or suffering.  We  wonder “Why?”  “How could God allow this to happen?”  “Why now?” or “Why at all?” This delightful, true story will revive the awe of the “impossible,” and remind the reader that God has the power to heal and resurrect life, even in the darkest, most painful, moments of it!  A powerful picture of the Father’s love and care, “The Fawn,” pulls back the curtain of everyday life to give children a peek at the magical, the miraculous.  It teaches them to trust the Father, to work with others to release the power of God into a situation, to let go of fear, and prejudice.  So, join MJ, and take a leap of faith---soar above the restraints of this life---and fly with the reindeer! 

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