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Hiccup Effect

Length: 192 pages2 hours


A scrawny form of a teenager is alone in the woods when he is struck by lightning. William, now color blind, can see the souls of those around him, destined for heaven or condemned to hell, represented by either an angel of light or darkness that clings to each person like a shadow. William struggles through his own faith journey, being guided by his parents and friends. Realizing that contact with those around him gives a voice to the angel or demon lingering above. He hears the insight and deceit of this Spiritual warfare raging on, oblivious to bystanders. William must fight this war, one action, one decision, and one conversation at a time. William is a funny jokester of a kid with a goof of a friend, Hector. Their mishaps and adventures make their friendship both realistic and encouraging. Penny is the courageous girl that hides behind her popularity and confidence, feeling utterly inadequate until her heart is brought to Light. Once the gift of Grace is shown and received, Penny shines her new-found beauty in Christ and enlightens William to find the same Faith. His triumph will be the life changing decision he makes in the presence of toasting marshmallows and the coolness of the night’s moon, when to William’s surprise, a Hiccup affects his perspective forever.

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