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The Easter He Came Home

Length: 50 pages43 minutes


Marianne White - Mannie to her friends - is working whatever jobs come her way. She's broke. She has bills to pay and to hell with pride. This Easter she's dressing up as an Easter egg and walking around a shopping centre handing out chocolate eggs with a giant Easter Bunny. It's not glamorous but it's a living.

She hears that Malcolm O'Connell is back in town. She went to high school with him. They were just friends back then. Last Easter, at their fifteen year high school reunion, after a couple of drinks and her inhibitions were low, she had sex with him. It was great. Excellent. She hasn't had sex since because it was so good. Now he's back in town after working in London for a year.

Malcolm can't forget that moment at the reunion. He wanted to pursue Mannie but he had a commitment and he had to go to London. He's been thinking about her for a year. Now he's back home, only to find her dressed as a giant egg. Undeterred, he plans to win Mannie over. No Easter egg costume's going to get in the way of the woman he wants.

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