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The Dragon’s Mountain, Book One - Mark Mulle

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Hello again, guys! It’s Mike, the noob that foiled Herobrine’s plans. Well, I didn’t actually do it by myself. I had the help of my friends, Jerry and Micah. Oh, and I’m not that big of a noob anymore.

This story picks up right after those events.

In case you don’t remember, after I managed to defeat Herobrine and destroy his giant evil doomsday device, I respawned, built myself a new home, and mined and crafted in peace for a while.

But adventures always seem to knock on my door, so get ready for this one…

A new day dawned. The giant yellow block that was the sun shined way up in the light blue sky. The horses were neighing in their pen, the sheep were gnawing away at the grass in their enclosure, and the pigs were staring at each other with their blank stares.

A nice, quiet day in Minecraft!

I was on my way to finish the new chicken coop that I began building the night before. Nothing fancy, just some wooden planks and a cage made out of wooden fence pieces. Of course, I didn’t have any chickens yet. I didn’t quite manage to find any of them in the forests nearby, but I was pretty confident that I would find some on future expeditions.

As I was building my chicken-less chicken coop, I saw something in the distance. Two strange figures came out of the forest and kept running along the tree line.

My first guess was that they were creepers, because they were too fast to be zombies, really.

I kept my eye on them for a while and after a couple of minutes the two figures strayed away from the tree line and looked like they were heading towards my farm.

As the figures came closer and closer, I realized that they weren’t actually mobs – they were in fact players on horseback.

I figured that the best thing that I could do was to mount one of my horses and ride off to meet them before they could reach my farm. I mean, hey, if I learned anything from my first adventure is that although most players are fun and friendly, some players can be real jerks. And so I figured that I’d take a closer look at who I’m dealing with before I let them near my home. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m protecting any treasures, but who would want their house to get destroyed by some trolling griefers.

And so I took out an iron sword that I had in one of my chests and mounted my trusty horse and rode out to see whom I was dealing with.

I was about halfway to reaching the two riders when I managed to recognize them. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Jerry? Micah, I shouted.

Yup. It took a while to find you, buddy, said Jerry.

You don’t know the half of it, said Micah.

For a moment there I didn’t know what to say. Minecraft was really different without any other players around, let alone my friends. Sure, Minecraft is fun and all by yourself, but having other people around, especially friends is a whole different experience.

"Whoa! I can’t believe it! Come on, guys! Follow me! Can’t wait for you two to see my