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Butterfly Bride

Length: 141 pages2 hours


Two years have past since Artemis told Emma he would call and she said she would answer. Although they have grown closer despite their difficult careers, he's concerned. He finally worked up the courage to ask Emma to marry him, but even if she says yes, will it ever happen? Someone is sabotaging their friend’s bar and trying to ruin Clandestine Investigations where Emma now works. Will they ever make it to the alter or will one of them pay the ultimate price to save the other?

Artemis drives down to Chapel, Colorado in a storm, to propose to Emma who is now working at the Colorado office of Clandestine Investigations. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan. They have to work their way through sabotage of a friend’s bar, the escape of their nemesis from prison, and murders. That doesn’t even take into account their own uncertainties about their relationship. Emma starts to doubt she’ll ever be a butterfly bride.

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