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Wonka Presents! The Story of Joe's Christmas: Part One

Length: 24 pages10 minutes


Wonka and Owner bring you this special Christmas gift, the Twelfth in the #wonka series, the Story of Joe's Christmas (fully illustrated) in three parts. Wonka has given this story the once over and declared it fit for Christmas! and even approved all the illustrations too!! We meet Joe and his Mum from last year's tale, but now Joe is little and his Mum is struggling to bring him a fairy tale Christmas. This is our longest story yet, and we hope the magic of the Returns Dept , Neddy rocking horse, and the star in the little glass snowstorm bring you all the Christmas sparkle you deserve! With a sprinkle of stardust to make all those dreams come true, enjoy our special seasonal gift from Us to You! Let us begin.........

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