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Grimoire 1919: The First Beast (The Grimoire Typewriter Book 1) (Erotic Adult Fairy Tale)

Length: 45 pages38 minutes


I stepped aside, watching the length of his body pass by me. He was quite literally half man, half horse. The bottom half of his body was the size and length of a fully grown adult stallion. So large was he that I was afraid that he wouldn’t fit in my room.

“I am your master, correct?” I said.
“Yes, Lady Walker.”
“Which means you are mine to command?” I asked.
“Yes, Lady Walker.”

“I want you to...ravish me,” I whispered.
“Lady Walker, are you certain?”
“Claudas, as your master, I command you to treat me like I’m your mare.”


London 1919

It has been a few years since World War I ended and Helen Walker is eager to explore the world. She uses all her savings to buy a ticket to London, in the hopes of finding a real career. But despite her best efforts, she is unable to find a job and eventually settles at a General Store.

Determined to get the qualifications she needs for a real career. Her desire to learn more drives her to a secondhand shop in the deepest darkest alleys of 20th century London. There she finds the Grimoire Typewriter - a device which, unknowingly to Helen, has been banished by the Church.

Young and naive, Helen takes the typewriter home and finds that it can function without her touching it - but that is just the surface of what it can do. Suddenly mythical beasts begin to knock on her door, ready to fulfill every forbidden wish in the bedroom.


Grimoire 1919 - The First Beast is the first entry into The Grimoire Typewriter series. Filled with taboo beast sex, it is a unique beast erotica set in inter-war London.

Warning: For ages 18+ ONLY.

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