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Old McLarsen Had Some Farms: a memoir

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Old McLarsen Had Some Farms: a memoir

Length: 218 pages3 hours


Once upon a time last century, two city slickers made a 'tree change' and moved to a friend's wheat and sheep farm in Western Australia, to commence a farming 'apprenticeship'. This first book in the series of farming memoirs is called 'Brave Beginnings' - and they most certainly were all of that... and more.
I invite you to come along and enjoy this read about the joyous, uplifting moments (and many reality checks) that lay in wait to teach us not only about farming, but how to survive against the odds, and the weather, and just Life itself with all its ups and downs, as we also adjusted to the early years of our marriage.
Each chapter is a 'stand-alone' tale of our experiences - happy and sad, and the whole gamut in between, but always learning how to laugh at ourselves; how to become stronger; how to survive.
Could there have been a better preparation for the trials and tribulations that lay ahead of us, in our home State, on a completely different farm? I'll let you be the judge - but in my opinion, still being farmers 40+ years later, and still the 'Missus' of Old McLarsen, for nearly 5 decades? Must be doing something right?

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