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Length: 280 pages4 hours


Tempest, a Wind Elemental in Napa Valley, is the sort of person who never loses control. She likes it that way. Always the level-headed Elemental, she keeps her focus, protects innocent humans from evil, and maintains her cover job at the local winery. Rules are meant to be followed and they exist for a reason. Unlike her colleagues, Tempest has never been attracted to humans.

Until now.

Enter the handsome and suave Carlo, a chemist who has recently purchased Tempest’s winery. Now he is the new boss, and he is not the silent type. He aims to shake things up, modify the recipes for extracting more flavor from the vines, all while pushing Tempest out of her comfort zone.

As the two face power plays with each other, they are forced to deal with another problem: the Auel Fallen Angels have infiltrated the winery, and the souls of humankind hang in the balance.

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