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Chapter One

TylOR boarded the Katieran transport with his laser gun at the ready. He hit his comm link. Secure any females you find. Be prepared for anything!

Yes Commander! his lieutenants responded.

He caught a glimpse of two Morins dragging a couple of females. One female had black hair and the other had the strangest color combination of red and blonde. TylOR fired his weapon at the Morins wide in hopes of making them drop the females. He said a silent prayer to the Goddess KatieRI not to let the females get hurt.

Leave the females alone, you sick creatures! TylOR yelled at the completely bald and yellowish-skinned beings.

TylOR rushed to get to the females but he felt like something was pulling him back, slowing him down. By the time he reached the place where he last saw the females, no sign of them remained. He was too late. He was unable to save even one of them. He hadn't saved Elizabeth. She had been taken by the Morins just like her friend Lola. No, not her! Kitasa!


TylOR woke disoriented. His breathing was rapid and he touched his chest area right above his heart, which felt like it would beat right out of his body. He looked around his sleeping quarters and frowned. He wasn’t on the Katieran transport battling the Morins. No, he was on board a Kiljorn Transport heading toward the Colonial Planet to visit his sister EllinOR.

He threw the covers off his sweat-soaked body and got up to head toward the bathing room. He didn’t have any clothing to remove because he preferred to sleep completely nude. As a Kiljorn, his body temperature ran high so he was rarely cold.

Turning on the shower he waited a few seconds for the water temperature to adjust to his preferred setting. Then he stepped inside and let the warm water wash away the salty dampness from his body.

This wasn’t the first time he had endured nightmares of that fateful day. The day the Morins attacked a Katieran transport loaded full of defenseless females from Earth. Many females had been taken and tortured, including Lola Marquesa, now bond mate to the leader of the Colonial Planet. Some females were never recovered alive. It was a crime to his people’s way of life to harm a female, and though he never met them personally, he mourned the senseless loss.

He didn’t understand why he kept reliving that moment on board the ship. The moment he came across two females being dragged onto a Morin shuttle. One female he was too late to save. The other was…Doctor Elizabeth Connell.

His cock immediately sprang to life at the memory of her fiery spirit fighting against the Morin warrior who held her. She was such a little thing compared to the large Morin. Her height was barely five-feet-one-inch, if that much. Despite her height disadvantage, she surprised the Morin, causing him to release her, when she kicked him in his manhood. TylOR snorted, remembering the look of shock and pain on the male’s face. When the Morin reached for the female again in anger, TylOR shot him straight through the heart.

He remembered it all as if it just happened yesterday. But his life changed forever the moment that he touched the small female, lifting her in his arms to take her to safety. When he reached a hand down to help her up, their skin met and it was like a shockwave had run through his entire body. It was so sudden and strong, it nearly knocked him to his knees.

TylOR tried to ignore his growing arousal. He ducked his head under the showerhead. He should have had the showerhead moved up to accommodate his seven-foot height like he had at his home on Kiljor—a home the Morins almost completely destroyed when they had attacked the Kiljorn home planet.

He soaped up his body, closing his eyes. Big mistake. Immediately his imagination brought up an image of the beautiful Doctor Elizabeth Connell. Others called her Lizzie, but when he thought of her it was always as Elizabeth, unusual and more lovely than any female he had ever seen.

Her strange-colored hair had been the first thing he noticed. It was a combination of red and blonde and changed back and forth between the two colors when the sunlight shined down upon her. He heard the other earth females call the color strawberry blonde. He did not understand the description but it was eye catching for sure.

The second thing he noticed about her was her striking light blue eyes. They were the purest blue he had ever seen. A great deal of his people and the Katierans had blue eyes, but theirs were always a darker shade set off by their golden irises. Elizabeth’s eyes were set off by her black irises, which he found exotic and intriguing. He could stare into her beautiful eyes all day and night and never tire of it.

The next thing that fascinated him about her was her body shape. She was short and tiny compared to his size. She had womanly curves that called to him, made him lick his lips with the need to touch and taste every delectable inch of her. He shook his head as he dunked under the spray of water hoping to clear his mind of her, but it wasn’t working.

He soaped his chest, his abs, his hips, and then down to his cock, which was painfully hard. As he stroked himself, he imaged Elizabeth’s small hands doing the same to him. She wouldn’t even need to kneel down because of her height. She would only have to bend at the waist to reach the head of his penis with her mouth. He imagined her small tongue would swipe at him before she enclosed him inside her tight warm mouth.

Kitana. TylOR moaned picturing Elizabeth pleasuring him with her lips, tongue, and throat.

He imagined her completely bare with her long pretty hair streaming down her back. He squeezed himself harder thinking of her sucking him and teasing him. He could almost see her large breasts bobbing with each movement.

Elizabeth, he moaned her name.

She would flick her bright eyes up at him and lock onto his eyes. Oh Goddess. The picture he conjured in his mind was all he needed to finally release. His seed shot from his cock as his hand continued to pump up and down on his shaft. Her lovely eyes were his undoing. They seemed to see right through him, right to his soul.

TylOR leaned his head against the cold tile of the shower wall. He had fought his attraction for Elizabeth for so long. It wasn’t as if he had trouble getting females to pay attention to him, especially the earth females.

Unlike the females of his home world, these females didn’t mind that he was different from other Kiljorns and Katierans with his hairless body. Just the opposite, they always wanted to run their fingers over his bare head.

He enjoyed their attentions at first. He even bedded a few of them. However, none of them were his bond mate and he had no intention of mating any of them. They were aware of the fact from the beginning and they seemed okay with it. But the more he was around the irritatingly beautiful Dr. Elizabeth Connell, the less appealing other females were to him. Even now the thought of another female touching him had his still hard cock softening. What in Kitana was happening to him?


What are you thinking about? Lola touched Lizzie on her shoulder and signed to her.

Lizzie turned away from the window she had been staring out. The night was beautiful with the Luna glowing upon the nearby forest. It was a peaceful and calm environment, which should have been relaxing. Instead, she found herself feeling restless. She had felt so lonely lately. She hoped visiting Lola would help, but watching her friend interact with her mate, LarIS, actually made her loneliness worse.

Nothing. Just thinking about seeing the villagers again, Lizzie signed back, feeling guilty for lying to her best friend.

Or maybe you are thinking about a certain Kiljorn Commander who will arrive in a few hours.

Lizzie blushed, turning her head too late. Lola caught the expression and clasped her hand, making Lizzie look back at her.

I knew you had a thing for Commander TylOR. Does he feel the same? Is it serious? Lola asked signing excitedly. She wanted nothing more than to have her best friend happily mated as she was with LarIS. LarIS was her whole world. He showered her with love and compassion. She wanted Lizzie to have that too.

Lizzie held up her hands to stop her friend from continuing. No no. We’re not together. Not at all. In fact, the last time I saw him he was…with someone else.

She had seen him flirt with another woman at the last gathering on Katiera. It had been a while because he had gone right after that to the wormhole on a mission. At least, that was what Prima Jaxon had said. It did bother her to see him with someone else. Lizzie thought they had a connection, though she never would have sought him out to act on it. He was way too macho and controlling for her tastes. She preferred someone more gentle and kind. Her mind might be telling her to find someone new, but her body and heart were still pining away for TylOR.

Lola looked at her in sympathy. I’m so sorry. What a jerk!

Lizzie shrugged. It’s okay. I felt some kind of attraction to him but I guess it was one-sided. It happens.

But he seems so protective of you, especially when his brother AshOR is around. It didn’t make sense. When she last visited Katiera with LarIS for the Year End Celebration, Lola had noted how the Kiljorn Commander’s eyes would follow Lizzie everywhere she went. She did see other women trying to get his attention but he ignored them for the most part. Maybe there were things she missed that Lizzie had seen. She felt so bad for her friend. Lizzie deserved a man who wanted her and treated her with love and respect.

You know, you made quite the impression with the village leader the last time we visited, Lola teased her.

Lizzie rolled her eyes. He only paid me attention so I could teach him how to sign with you. You are the one who breaks hearts everywhere you go.

Please don’t say that in front of LarIS. He’ll never let me go anywhere. Besides, I don’t think you give yourself enough credit.

Lizzie looked down at her body. I’m not exactly what most men fantasize about.

Lola touched her arm. That is not true. You are gorgeous.

I could lose a few more pounds. Lizzie was always aware that her body was curvier. She remembered being a chubby little girl and her mother always inspected her weight daily. Once, when she thought Lizzie had gained too much weight, she started throwing out food from the kitchen, saying Lizzie had to stop eating junk food.

Don’t you dare! You have lost way too much weight over the last few months. Is it because of Commander TylOR? Has he said something to you about your weight? Lola signed, anger burning in her eyes for her friend.

No, he hasn’t said anything. But the women I see him with are all long-legged and model beautiful. Seeing him with them makes me feel short, fat, and ugly, Lizzie admitted.

Lola was livid that her friend felt this way. She had a distorted view of her appearance. Her mate sensed her distress and contacted her through their mental link.

Do you have need of me, my love? LarIS asked with concern.

No, I am with Lizzie. We are fine.

Are you sure? I can leave this meeting and come to you.

Baby, I will see you later this evening. Finish your meeting. Plus, Commander TylOR arrives in a little bit. She couldn’t help feeling a little angry when she thought of TylOR. LarIS, of course, picked up on her anger since he was so intuned with her.

Has he said something to hurt you? LarIS was immediately on alert.

No, not me. He has upset Lizzie. She’s not eating right. I think we may need to contact the therapist to speak with her.

I will see if I can contact her for Lizzie.

Thank you. See you later tonight, my love. Lola sent him warm, loving feelings.

Lola turned her attention back to Lizzie. You are perfect inside and out. Don’t let anyone make you feel that you aren’t good enough.

Thanks. You’re such a good friend. Lizzie went back to the window and looked out, effectively ending their signing. She didn't want to discuss Commander TylOR anymore. She watched the lights of a shuttle as it approached. He was up there making his way down to the planet. TylOR.

Chapter Two

Leader LarIS stood with Commander AshOR at his side to greet AshOR’s half-brother, Kiljorn Commander TylOR. The silver shuttle landed and the door lowered down to the ground forming a ramp. The large bald man stepped off.

Welcome back to the Colonial Planet. LarIS reached out to clasp forearms with the other male. He took a moment to read his thoughts. The male was overwhelmed with the desire to seek out the female Elizabeth. Interesting.

Leader LarIS, it is good to be back. TylOR glanced over at his younger brother. He clasped forearms, noting how AshOR squeezed a little tighter than necessary. It only made TylOR smile and return the squeeze.

Commander AshOR. How are our sister and nephew doing?

AshOR grunted and let go of TylOR. They are both doing quite well. They traveled here to the main building to visit with you.

They did not have to do that. TylOR still felt a little uncomfortable around his half-sister. At times when EllinOR would look at him, he suspected she was seeing their father. He looked the most like him out of the three young he had. But TylOR did not want to be compared to that male.

The male that fathered him had left him and his mother back on Kiljor. He then moved to the Colonial Planet and had two more young with another female. TylOR had a hard time reconciling that. He knew neither of the females that his father had become involved with had been his true bond mate. But that didn’t make TylOR feel any better toward the father he barely remembered.

AshOR glared at him. "Well, EllinOR insisted they come here. She wanted to make it convenient for you since you are so busy. I told her it was pointless and you wouldn’t appreciate it. If you do or say anything to hurt her feelings, I will kick your ass. Brother or no brother.