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Storm Watch: A Tale of the Sea

Length: 45 pages37 minutes


The Sea, they say, is a harsh mistress. But she gives as well as takes, and the tiny fishing village nestled between the towering cliffs depends on her good graces for survival.

James Fairweather has always been beloved of the sea, right from his early, unusual entry to the village. But the winds are changing, and the tides are turning, and perhaps James is not as well favoured as everyone had thought.

The air is heavy with the tang of salt. On the horizon, clouds are gathering. And something is stirring in the deep, below...

Storm Watch first appeared in 'Tales from the Asylum: A Steampunk Compilation', published by The Last Line in 2010. 'Tales from the Asylum' is the first volume of 'The Asylum Chronicles'.

The Asylum

It was built like a fortress; yet no-one questioned why.
It had hundreds of uniformed wardens; almost no-one noticed.
It held strange and dangerous inmates; no-one knew.
Built in the 1870s, yet seeming to endure forever, the Asylum has seen governments rise and fall, has witnessed wars and riots. It has stories to tell, strange twisting stories of past and future. These are just a few of those stories; these are the Asylum Chronicles...

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