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A Scar Too Deep

Length: 282 pages4 hours




Darcy Lowe was lonely and vulnerable when she became involved with Ray Hunt, unaware he was a ruthless bully. Realising he has pushed her over the edge, drastic measures are required to keep Darcy from leaving, as she knows far too much about his illicit dealings. One night when Darcy is sleeping with their two year old daughter Amie, he grabs the child screaming from the bed and leaves the flat.
Darcey is devastated and heads straight to the police station for help, only to be told they cannot get involved in domestic disputes, and advised her to try her family. As Darcy is alone, she contacted Ray’s mother, praying she will have Amie and hand her back. His mother had the child but refused to hand her back, saying that although she disagreed with Rays actions, she feared his retaliation far too much to go against his wishes. As the door closed in her face all Darcy could hear were the frightened screams of her little daughter calling her name...
Darcy was distraught and frantic, having lived in constant fear of his violent attacks and bullying, she knew she had to be careful.
After learning that Darcy was not going to knuckle down, Ray let himself into the flat during the night, dragging the covers off of the bed he wrenched her to her feet and pushed her roughly against the wall. With his hands gripped firmly around her throat he threatened her life, if she should ever dare to utter a word about him to the law.
Darcy escaped later in the night, as she knew his threats were not idle. Her one objective was to seek legal advice and get her daughter back where she belongs. She had something on Ray Hunt that would change his life forever...
Would she find the courage to destroy Ray and get her daughter back, ...or will it all end in disaster?

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