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Abby Tames Two Mustangs - Vanessa Carvo

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Abby Tames Two Mustangs: A Man & His Horse (A Christian Western Romance)


Vanessa Carvo

Copyright 2014 Quietly Blessed & Loved Press

Smashwords Edition

Synopsis: When Abby saved a man who fell from his horse, little did she know as she looked into his gray eyes, that his past would hold a secret which almost drove them apart; from idle gossip and his lack of faith.

Cobalt blue skies expanded like glass over the remote farmhouse and small ranch where Abby Coffman lived with her parents. It was Abby’s eighteenth birthday. This day, June 18 in 1862, her mother had given birth to identical twin daughters.

For the first time in her life, Abby wouldn’t share it with her sister Elizabeth, now married and living in Rock Springs. Abby’s mother had wished her a happy birthday when she joined her parents for breakfast. Everyone felt Elizabeth’s absence. Abby was anxious to get on her horse and ride out to find solitude.

Abby, I know you want to get on that horse of yours. Go ahead and you can help me later, said Hattie. But first, let’s all pray your day will be one of the happiest yet. We will include Elizabeth.

Together Hattie and Abby’s father bowed their heads and prayed. John leaned over and kissed his daughter before he left to take care of his cattle. He had to send Nebraska, or Neb as he was better known, to mend a broken fence before he lost part of the herd.

Prayer lifted Abby’s spirits and, eager as a child she skipped to the corral to saddle up Sadie, her Arabian. The time spent with her horse meant everything to Abby. She had loved her since she was a filly and trained her well to climb sloping hills as she skirted over rocky pathways.

This morning, Abby took deep breaths and sucked in the air that still held rare moisture from an early morning shower. By the time she returned home the droplets would have vanished into the arid soil.

Sadie didn’t need direction when her owner sat on her. They headed toward the creek below the ranch to rich grasses where the horse was allowed to graze contentedly while her mistress admired the roses that now bloomed in vibrant pink along the nearby creek bed. Abby held her bible under her arm and settled under the Aspen to study her lesson for the day. She opened the book and picked a verse at random.

Lay aside immaturity to live and walk in the way of insight, she read aloud from Proverbs. Distracted in her attempts to meditate on the verse she pushed away thoughts of finding someone in her life to fulfill dreams of marriage and a family. Elizabeth lived happily married and now she and Harry were expecting their first child. Miles separated them for the first time in their lives. Elizabeth may still be in Wyoming but too far from Green River for easy visits.

Abby’s best friend Arrah Walker recently became engaged. She was happy for all of them but felt sorry for herself today. The verse hit home when she realized her thoughts were straying. Lay aside immaturity, she was told, and so she resolved to do just