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Apology Accepted

Length: 383 pages5 hours


Upon realizing her current relationship is rapidly devolving into the realm of domestic violence, Jamie Huxley breaks up with her controlling and manipulative boyfriend, and at the urging of her best friends, she tries her hand at online dating. This is how she meets Paul Franklin, a man who suffers from a facial developmental abnormality known as craniofacial microsomia. During their email exchanges and telephone conversation, Jamie discovers she shares a genuine connection with Paul, and agrees to meet him sight unseen, with no prior knowledge of his facial abnormality. When Jamie sees Paul for the first time, his appearance so startles and surprises her that she runs out on the date; a decision Jamie feels guilt over, and one which she eventually comes to regret.

When Jamie’s great-uncle dies, he bequeaths to her a sizeable inheritance, but she refuses to accept the money just as resolutely as she refused to visit the terminally ill man who, from his death bed, repeatedly asks to see her. What she chooses to do with it, and how she survives the cunning ploys of her ex-boyfriend, all with the support of her devoted best friend, Hannah, and faithful canine companion, a pug dog named China, places Jamie on a life changing journey where she learns about the healing power of forgiveness, and ultimately leads to true and lasting love.

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