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Rapture: The Sample: Rapture, #1

Length: 43 pages36 minutes


"My name is Bailey. I used to think I was just this ordinary girl, with an average life and I never set any goals for myself that I couldn't reach.  Of course I wanted the best,  who doesn't? But, not everyone is handed everything on a silver platter. I didn't have a lot of friends, I didn't have time, really. Once I lost who I considered to be my best friend, my world stopped, and started again in a completely different dimension. I've never been pretty, powerful or quite honestly anything other than ordinary. Now, power exudes from my pores.  I've become a sexual predator.  The more I get my release, the less I have to deal with real life, with change,  with trying to figure things out. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately,  I'm not sure how I feel,  the more I exercise my new found power, the more I like it. I'm starting to forget who I was, what made me, me....I'm not so sure that, that's such a bad thing. I need someone to make me forget, and take me to my rapture."

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