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Kieran and Rajilad's Time Warp

Length: 133 pages1 hour


Rajilad, the brilliant engineer from Pimglammam succeeds in creating a time-warp to the past. In order to calibrate the dial of the time warp, she travels into the past with Kieran and Rikki, to find out the date. Not knowing where in time they will wind up, they face unexpected problems and dangers. On one of the trips, they encounter a teen age, homeless ex-slave boy who is being beaten. They bring him to the present to educate him and send him back to be productive. Cran Jelek, Rajilad's nemesis brings her back to Pimglammam by force and keeps her under house arrest. The Cummerfords and Aguntints engage in a rescue attempt planned by Vimar, Rajilad's friend and former supervisor.

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