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Haunting Sex: The Witch Erotica Bundle

Length: 40 pages38 minutes


This is the Witch Erotica bundle that you have been waiting for. Two sexy stories of men being seduced, used in erotic rituals, and made love to by their witch captors. 10,713 words of pure witch erotica that you know that you've been craving.

Bundle contains:
Orgy in the Witches' Den
The Witches' Spell of Seduction

Orgy in the Witches' Den:
Jack, a healthy young man out for a nice hike in the woods, is in for an experience that he'll never forget. Three mysterious witches appear seemingly out of nowhere, toying with him, enticing him, and inevitably seducing him. Watch as Jack learns just what it takes to satisfy a coven of sex-starved witches.

This 5017 word story, intended for adults only, contains hot man on witch sex, a witch orgy, and the unforgettable experience of penetrating some of the hottest erotic witches this side of Salem.


I'm lost all alone out here in the woods... can you protect me?" she said.

Jack, nearly stupefied by the elegance and curvaceous perfection of the woman standing before him, could barely muster a response. His enrapturing was made more complete by the fact that the woman in front of him stood completely topless, her heaving and sturdy breasts thrusting out from above her thin and toned torso. She had a blue, knitted scarf wrapped around her neck. It matched the color of her illustrious eyes.

"You've got to help me," she said, "I was out skinny dipping, and a naughty little beaver ran off with all of my clothes! He took them up in his big, pointed teeth and ran off into the woods."

Jack was completely dumbfounded. He tried to remind himself not to look directly at her breasts, but he was unable to force himself not to take in the full extent of her beauty. Her crotch was hidden only by the tiniest of g-string bikinis; she must have been wearing it while she was swimming, he thought.

"Are you a forest ranger?" she said. "Do you want to look for my clothes with me? I bet you could handle a little beaver.
Wouldn't be much of a match for a big guy like you."

"What...what is your name? I..."

Jack stepped closer to the woman. He wanted to protect her. His masculine, provider urges started to take over. The bulge beginning to form in his pants drove him further into the fantasy, allowing him not to question the suspiciousness of the situation.

The woman, apparently growing tired of Jack's apprehension in approaching her, lifted herself toward him, seemingly without effort or use of her legs. She cleared ten feet in less than a second, placing herself up against him and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I want you to help me," she said.

The Witches' Spell of Seduction:
What could be more innocent than three young women trying to enjoy a night on the town? Unless of course those three young women happen to be witches, who have failed in their quest to cast the spell of seduction. This may be their last chance for the spell to work. They've collected the most important ingredients: henbane, hemlock, various bits of bones... but they have yet to acquire the most important ingredient: the seed of a young man. Fortunately for them, a young man named Alex just happened to wander into their presence on the very night they began preparing for the ritual. Alex might just be the key component that they have been looking for all along, and Alex might just be in for the sexual ride of his life.


Alex was surprised again to see that the male bartender who had been working all night had suddenly disappeared, and a young woman with straight, somewhat messy blonde hair had taken his place. Some of her hair had grown naturally into dreadlocks that gave the impression of modest dirtiness, but she had piercing blue eyes that shone with exceptional clarity. Her gaze penetrated Alex as he made eye contact with her.
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