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Seabed Seismic Techniques: QC and Data Processing Keys

Length: 105 pages50 minutes


It has been difficult coming across books that deal specifically on the subject of seabed seismic, be it in data acquisition or data processing. In this book we dwell mostly on Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) and Ocean Bottom Node (OBN), with receivers placed on the seabed- hydrophones to measure pressure in water (p-waves), geophones or accelerometers to measure vertical particle motion (p-waves) and horizontal particle motion (s-waves). The discussion is mainly on four components (4C) which more or less covers other multi-component seismic techniques. Whether you are used to the term OBC, OBN, OBS or multi-component seismic, you will find this book beneficial as a text book or as a reference material. The book will be valuable to professionals, executives, students and teachers. It is divided into four chapters, the first three chapters ending with a set of exercises that will be of tremendous help within the academic environment.

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