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The Ultimate Whipping -

Length: 314 pages5 hours


For some, a severe whipping is a terrible punishment, and for a few others it is a spiritual, emotional and physical test and path to a personal fulfillment. This amazing fulfillment casues some to seek out the lash, and lani is such a rare girl. Either way, the pain is undeniable and often unbearable. For those that consent to a whippings for the pleasure of a Master or Mistress, or for themseleves, the whipping climaxes when a limit is reached, a goal achieved, or the granting of mercy or forgiveness. But in the case of the Ultimate Whipping, it can only end in total and complete emotional and physical failure. Limits of emotional and physical endurance are not simply pushed or exceeded, they exploded. Neither the slave nor the one wielding the whip has any control on the course, and the outcome is set and certain.
Knowing this, Lani, a petite, athletic, dark tanned surfer girl and BDSM devotee from Hawaii has willingly consented to be voluntarily enslaved at a luxurious high-end BDSM resort camp for a few monhts with the purpose of experiencing the Ultimate Whipping.
She is sponsored by her very wealthy benfactors and Master and Mistress for the extended stay. During the stay she undergoes rigorous training of all types to prepare her. She witnesses much and enjoys most of what she is exposed to. Lani sees tortures and torments, brandings and piercings, surrender, discovery and conversions. She encounters humble slaves, millionaire heiresses, peverted billionaire businessmen and women, supermodels and rock stars, all drawn to the same power of those that appreciate and partake of this fabulous passion. Once committed to her path, she cannot turn back. Her sitution is consensual, but once the consent is given, it cannot be taken back.
In The Ultimate Whipping - Lani at Camp Seventeen, Lani takes us along on her adventure and gets us as close to experiencing an Ultimate Whipping as we can get without being bound tightly to the whipping frame ourselves and feeling the actual bite of the lash until we too simply fail.

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