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Followed and Taken: Exceeding Limits

Length: 40 pages36 minutes


In the second installment, FOLLOWED AND TAKEN: EXCEEDING LIMITS, Casey’s sister, Irene is released from the hospital. His parents blame him for Irene’s kidnapping, but not more than he blames himself. Casey’s friend, Trevor, gives Irene and Casey a ride home but once on the highway, a woman driving a Mustang shoots Trevor and Casey is thrown through the windshield as the car careens out of control. The woman grabs Irene, tosses her in the trunk and speeds away.

Miraculously, Casey and Trevor survive but the news isn’t good—Detective Torie Palmer, who’s always been on Casey’s side, reveals Mr. Wallace, the neighbor who’d kidnapped Irene is dead.  But Casey’s got a few ideas of his own of how to get the answers he and Detective Palmer need.  What seems like the end is only the beginning as he returns to his old neighborhood to find the kidnappers and his sister…and he and his baseball bat don’t care who gets hurt in the process!

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