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Bowel Tragedies

Length: 296 pages4 hours


This is a compelling story of the multiple woes that befall a precocious and desperately lonely child growing into adulthood in a world devoid of tolerable toilet facilities. It deals with a very real, admittedly unpleasant, problem that plagues human existence in the underdeveloped world.
It is a manifest law of nature that what goes into the stomach must come out, sooner or later, as body waste. But what happens where bearable, basic facilities for discharging this excrement are nonexistent? Amfriyie, our tragic hero, grew up in a world where there were absolutely no dignifying alternatives to the loathsome pit latrine. Following his first experience of its degradation, he swore to never again use one. But as his only remaining option of resorting to hidden corners in the open air proved to be increasingly untenable, his life quickly became a virtual battleground between needing to eat and refusing to eat sufficiently. The inflexible Amfriyie became terribly alone. Solidarity and sympathy were scant in a world where everyone except him managed to make a virtue of necessity of the detestable pit latrine. His inevitable destiny was physical and emotional collapse.

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