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Love In The Spotlight (The Wild Diamonds, #5)

Length: 109 pages1 hour


After scoring the gig of a lifetime as the hot new opening act for rock band The Wild Diamonds, Gracie Smith goes home to her family’s estate in Texas for Christmas – and to try to mend her strained relationship with her parents – before she has to leave on tour.

On returning home, her stern Pastor father and socialite mother make it clear they don’t support her “sinful” rockstar lifestyle, so she runs to the place where she always feels welcome: her best friend Holly’s house on the farm next door. While there, she (literally) bumps into Holly’s half-naked older brother, Leo, and realizes her teenage crush on him hasn’t wavered since he left for college three years earlier.

Freshly kicked out of college, all Leo Wilson wants to do is restore classic cars and ride his motorcycle around the country, leaving all his troubles behind. But when he sees his kid-sister’s best friend, Gracie, he can’t believe her transformation from geeky schoolgirl to gorgeous rockstar.

It doesn’t take long for the two to fall into a heated love affair, and suddenly there’s much more than her music career that Gracie’s parents won’t approve of.

Gracie and Leo try their best to keep their steamy holiday romance hidden from everyone they love, but what will happen when their naughty secret is hastily unwrapped like a present on Christmas morning?

Get lost in a world of rock stars, romance and paparazzi in this Erotic Contemporary Romance series!


Book 1: Love and Lyrics
Book 2: Love in the Studio
Book 3: Love on Radio
Book 4: Love on Stage
Book 5: Love in the Spotlight
Book 6: Love and Marriage (Coming soon!)

Fans of Bella Andre, Kate Perry and Jasinda Wilder will love going on tour with The Wild Diamonds in this spicy romance series with rockin’ women, sexy men and steamy romance that leaves you begging for more.

***This 26,000 word erotic novella contains explicit sex scenes, and is not suitable for anyone under 18.***

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