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Followed and Taken: The End's Beginning

Length: 37 pages32 minutes


Casey Franco finally turns his life around and it feels good. Though his parents are still cautious, they allow his little sister to visit him for the weekend. On the way to pick up Irene, Casey sees the sheriff at the gas station. Curious, he stops and learns the clerk believes a man in a van has kidnapped a kid.  As he leaves, Casey sees a beautiful woman arrive—turns out she’s a local detective.

As he and Irene head to his house he notices a van following them. He shakes the van but is stopped by the same sheriff he’d seen at the gas station. He’s making sure Casey’s car isn’t stolen. After getting Casey’s address he lets him go. Weird.

Later, things get hectic when Irene and her playmate disappear. Though he calls the police, Casey isn’t satisfied—Irene is in danger. When he sees the van that followed them earlier, he takes the law into his own hands, but nothing can prepare him for what he discovers… and his rage spirals out of control!

FOLLOWED AND TAKEN: THE END’S BEGINNING is a taut story that chronicles the kidnapping of a child, the courageous brother who doesn’t stop searching for her and how he takes justice into his own hands to do it! Get your copy today, you’ll be glad you did!

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