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All that Glitters (What Now? Collection, #2)

Length: 156 pages1 hour


”What parents don’t know won’t hurt them...right?”

That’s what high-school sophomore Drea Berkeley thinks. She wants to be as different from her twin sister as possible. Starting right now. With a new haircut, new clothes, new friends, and even a boyfriend, Drea leaves Delany in the dust!

But when Austin pressures her to lie to her parents, she has a choice to make. Will she do what she knows is right, and risk losing her boyfriend and popularity forever, or will she agree to lie to her parents no matter the consequences?

What will Drea do? What will YOU do?

All that Glitters is part of the What Now? collection where teens like you get to make the choices about  hot topics like drinking, relationships, stealing, drugs, cheating, and purity. Written especially for girls like you facing difficult decisions and lots of peer pressure, the What Now? Collection allows you to step right into the life of the main character and choose your own ending.

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