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Christ's Prophetic Love Letters to His Children

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In Christ’s Prophetic Love Letters To His Children, God reveals Christ’s nature, and goes on to say that this same nature identifies and reveals His sons on earth today. Throughout His book Jesus speaks about, explains, and teaches the newness of Christ in this age.

You will find that Jesus is extremely serious about helping you hear Him. He teaches you: how to listen, when to listen, why you need to listen, why you may not be hearing him, and the advantages and gifts that come as you do hear Him. He encourages His Children to join Him daily in conversation; and He emphasizes that they must stop “praying at Him” and begin to also listen to Him. He insists that each Child come daily and join Him in intimate conversations and friendship. He speaks of His unfaltering, unconditional love for each of us. He reminds you over and over again that He pursuing you, and that you must not feel alone as you seek daily conversations with Him.

With regards to hearing Christ, several letters give Christ’s personal step by step instructions for doing so. For example, in His letter on April 5, “Humbled Hearts Are A Blessing” Jesus explains why His Children are to come to Him daily. He says, “Humbled hearts are a blessing to the entire one Body of Christ... When you come to Me daily, My Spirit humbles you so that we can begin our conversations.”

Several of the letters suggest that you join God and His creation in song. One of the best examples of this is found in August 11, “Sing With Me This Morning,” as God says, “Mine are My blessed song, and blessed in song are Mine, Amen. Sing with Me this morning, Children. Sing, and feel your mind and heart rejoice as you become aware of My presence. See My beauty within you. Feel My love for you...”

Many of these beautiful, encouraging love letters are prophetic; and all of the letters fill God’s people with His wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and light. They announce and reveal God’s profound promises to His Children during this age.
Today, most people believe that God’s prophetic words, or prophecies, are limited to a dark scenario in which great suffering and angry judgment comes upon the world as well as God’s people. This book disputes these opinions, as God shows His pre-planned and beautiful future for His Children. The letters are abundant in God’s true promises: His Love, Light, and Voice within each of you.

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