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Dealing with Windows' Maximum Path Name and File Name Length Restrictions

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Do you find that you are, at times, prevented from either copying or moving or saving or backing up or renaming or deleting or archiving a file or folder within Windows ... or even creating a new file or folder in the first place? If so, it may be that you have run into Windows’ variable restrictions on how long the maximum data path name length (i.e., the total character length of the complete string representing the final location of a particular folder or file) can be. This book explains the nature of why this problem situation sometimes occurs, under what circumstances it may occur within and under what circumstances it will not occur, describes and illustrates examples of how this problem may present itself to you and what error messages you will receive (if any) that indicates or otherwise suggests this path length limitation problem as the cause, and provides possible solutions and strategies to deal most effectively with this problem if it occurs. Endnotes and references sections included.

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