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A Falling World: The Helix's Savior, Part Three

397 pages6 hours


Two heroes, two adventures. Twice the action, twice the risk.
Jake Martin, a rising star in the Helix, is making a continuation of his past adventures with his main allies – Morgan, Jonas, Noah, and Anna. Along the way, tides will turn, emotions will change, enemies will be found and destinies will unfold. Dark secrets within them all are bound to come out. As the heroes quest, they will lose themselves to find themselves.
Alexander Bladeknight, son of Light and hero to Terra, along with his friends are in a world of their worst enemy’s creation. In that world, they seek to destroy their nemesis, Maelstrom, once and for all. Along the way, they meet evil heroes, secret ties, new hates, new foes, a new hero, a powerful blade to rip the fabric of space and time, and a dark secret to match. The Helix is on the line. And as our heroes adventure through it, hoping to defeat their enemy, their true enemy has been waiting for them, inside them the whole time.

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