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Maximizing Your Days

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A major challenge confronting the youth has been how to maximally utilize time and God given talents for profitable engagements. These problems have been compounded by the lack of economic opportunities, exuberance and ignorance arising from poor information gathering. More often, the youth regrettably realizes too late in life that his time was wastefully utilized or not gainfully employed.

In Maximizing Your Days, Mrs Adede Agbor has painstakingly unleashed those necessary inspirational recipes which may not only lead to success but also victory in all life’s situations. Drawing gainfully from God’s wisdom, philosophical quotes, historical and sociological anecdotes, Adede cleared the pathway for victorious living, success in our endeavours and community relations, which we cannot afford to ignore.

Written in simple prose, this inspirational book with seven chapters is very simplistic for every category of the reading audience. It has provided model questions and answers to life’s challenges, a guide to students’ social behaviour and conduct in the examination, a guide to relationships with friends, and with God.

This inspirational book is a must read, it cannot be ignored essentially because it provides answers to those life issues that we simply gloss over.

This book is strongly recommended to students especially, and many others who may want to succeed in life including the businessman, public servants, and the general reading public.

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