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Psalms (Volume 2)

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This is volume 2 of a two volume set on the book of Psalms. Psalms is divided into five books. This volume covers books 3 to 5 of the psalms of Israel (Psalm 73 to Psalm 150).

The Psalms of Israel were used in the worship of God from David onward. In some cases they were written to be sung by temple musicians on a particular occasion. Some of the psalms contain instructions regarding the type of instruments to be played while they were sung. Psalm 5 for example was written for flutes. Psalm 6, on the other hand was written for stringed instruments.

The book of Psalms is probably one of the most beloved of all books of the Bible. The reason for this appears to be in the honesty of the psalmists. They share their struggles and pains. They also share their victories and hope in the Lord.

One of the great themes of the Psalms is the Lord's care and concern for those who belong to Him. The Lord is a shepherd, a warrior, a fortress and a rock for all who will come to Him. He hears the cries of His children. He is a God who is very near. He forgives and restores His children.

The book of Psalms reflects the intimacy God desires from all of us. The honest questions of God's children do not threaten Him. The failures of His children do not change His love for them. God delights in the thirsting and repentant heart of His people. Psalms is a book of praise and thanksgiving. It reveals the ups and downs of life on this earth under the care and provision of a loving and compassionate God.

This commentary examines each of the psalms and shows their practical application to the life of the reader. Each chapter concludes with some questions to consider and some points for prayer to help the reader apply the truth of each passage to his or her own life.

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