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The Cast Net

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Leaving the glamour of a successful advertising career in New York, Mills Taylor eagerly accepts a position as the director of an educational scholarship foundation in Alston Station, a town near Charleston, South Carolina---the opportunity for a simpler, less hectic life is just too appealing to turn down. But, she unwittingly steps into an unfamiliar world of family secrets, betrayal, supernatural tales, southern traditions, and money---lots of money. Her new boss, Cooper Heath, is as socially conscious as he is charming, but falls from favor when his beautiful wife goes missing. Fundraising work brings Mills in close contact with a community divided in loyalty to Heath---does she have to choose a side? The Cast Net chronicles a world of southern money and power in the late 1980s. Living and working closely with the Heath family, Mills learns the deeper meaning of "the cast net" and why it has been embraced by generations of Low Country residents. The Cast Net is a compelling and engaging novel about roots, a sense of community, trust, redemption, and, especially, love.

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