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Addicted to Lawyers - Withdrawal (Addicted to Lawyers Trilogy, #3)

Length: 35 pages28 minutes


“So you were f----- her, weren’t you? I knew it,” Britney said.
“Just playing with her p----. But now I want to play with yours. And make her watch us.”

My name is Julia, and I was addicted to sex with lawyers. In their offices. During our appointments.

The story you’re about to read will give you a glimpse into my weird addiction from the day it began up to the day it ended. If you have ever wondered how it feels to flirt with random strangers and make them squirm just minutes later, I will satisfy your curiosity.

Addicted to Lawyers is an erotic trilogy. Each book depicts scenes that are too graphic to mention in this description. Preview the book to get a glimpse into the story.

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