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Journal of William Brazear

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This is a transcript of the Journal of Private William Brazear, from his father's death in 1895 to the death of his son during the second World War.

It tells of his journey on foot from London to Wales, a distance of some 200 miles, in order to find work and goes on to tell of his imprisonment in a German prisoner of war camp during WWI. This particular part is of great interest during this, the one hundredth anniversary of the beginning of that war.

I have transcribed the journal from his own handwriting, and have not corrected any spelling mistakes or errors in grammar. I wanted it to stay in his own voice and I hope to have achieved that.

Bill Brazear was not a famous man, nor a well known historical figure, but one of the unsung heroes to whom we all owe our freedom. I have published this as a tribute to all the unsung heroes and hope it will be appreciated as such.


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